As a writer, Tim has created or contributed to a variety of game worlds including Space 1889 with Frank Chadwick and a host of others, 2300AD (with Lester Smith), written numerous role-playing accessories and adventures, written a novel and several short stories, created collectible dice and card games, contributed questions to many trivia games, and created the popular Minute Sports line of dice/computer/cell phone games. As a well-meaning vagabond, Tim has travelled widely, engaged in Civil War re-enactment, performed various wedding ceremonies, owned a video store, owned a game company, and somewhere in there raised a fine family.

Books by this Author

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  1. Challenge No. 27: The North American Research League (NARL)
  2. Challenge No. 28: The Astronomischen Rechen-Institut (ARI)
  3. Challenge No. 30: Flight of the Bayern, with Rob Caswell.
  4. Challenge No. 30: Stutterwarp Technology in 2300 with Rob Caswell.
  5. Challenge No. 33: North America, 2300.

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