Game Designers' Workshop (GDW) was a company that published many games including Traveller, MegaTraveller and Traveller: The new Era.

Most popularly known for their wargames, particularly Europa. Game Designers' Workshop began as a joint venture between Frank Chadwick, Marc Miller, Rich Banner, Loren Wiseman, and a few other members of the Illinois State University Wargames Club (ca. 1972-73). The company ceased in Feburary 1996. The traveller line was next picked up by Imperium Games.


A (very) partial listing of products. Primarily those of interest to Traveller. See GDW List for a complete list of Traveller products produced by GDW.

Role-playing gamesEdit


Miniature RulesEdit

Traveller Board gamesEdit

Non-Traveller Board GamesEdit

  • Belter
  • Bloodtree Rebellion
  • Star Cruiser : for 2300AD
  • Triplanetary
  • Europa - A series publshed between 1973 and current day.
  • Asteroid
  • Double Star