Challenge Challenge was a role-playing game magazine published by Game Designers' Workshop between 1986 and 1996. Announced in Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society issue 22, the new (at the time unnamed) magazine) was going to expand JTAS to a larger format (8.5x11) and was going to expand coverage to GDW's new game Twilight:2000, and other games. The larger size was to allow printing more interesting things, like deck plans or sector maps which would not fit in the smaller JTAS format.

In order to maintain continuity for the Traveller fans (and JTAS subscribers) the first issue was numbered 25, rather than starting again with issue 1. Also to maintain continuity, Challenge featured a ..→ This page contains the Feature Article for the Front page. It uses the the Template: Feature article to chop out the beginning of the selected article. If you wish to update the Featured article on the front page, place the article title in the template above.

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